Our shared values

Mirage Retail Group is a passionate organisation with the ambition to create value for society. This ambition is reflected in the shared values we work towards to do better every day.


By flexibly anticipating change we can achieve success for all our stakeholders. Our customers find exactly what they need, while our employees, suppliers and partners work together in the best possible way. In this way we overcome challenges together and create sustainable growth


We give one another the confidence to take initiative, take decisions and act quickly. In this way we stimulate individual leadership, cost awareness and better cooperation. As a result, we dare to try new things and make mistakes, so that we quickly discover areas of improvement and achieve success together.


We are a collective of enterprising, energetic and result-oriented people. We value everyone's expertise and authenticity. In this way, everyone can work with passion and dedication on creating the very best stores for our customers each and every day.


We are there to create value for each other, our customers, our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. Only if we truly work together, are fair and transparent, can we create added value and ensure our joint success for the future.

"Mirage Retail Group is characterized by a culture in which we work with humour and confidence."